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Edmonton 2006 SAM Awards Winner - Energy Efficiency

The 2006 Energy Efficiency SAM Award was presented to Dabrro Homes by the Edmonton Region Home Builders' Association on March 18, 2006. This in-fill home replaced a dilapidated house in the prestigious Old Glenora neighbourhood of Edmonton. The location provided the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living in a new home, in an established area. The home built with the Plasti-Fab Advantage Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Wall System consumes about half of the fuel to heat as compared to a traditional wood frame construction and is very environmentally responsible.

The public was interested in the superior indoor air quality of the new ICF home achieved due to the air tightness of the house. The cleaner, healthier air was expressed as a serious consideration for allergy sufferers. The overall comfort of the home also helped attract considerable interest. The silence inside the home was a very noticeable feature. The insulated concrete walls reduce sound transmission by 60%, virtually eliminating outside noises. Visitors were excited at the prospect of shutting out barking dogs and street noise. The home also holds a much more constant temperature due to the thermal mass of the concrete, making it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The enhanced comfort greatly assisted in the marketability of the home.

The home sold on first week of completion and demand for the concept was proven. Within two months of completion four new clients committed to nearly identical in-fill projects and numerous others expressed interest to building similar homes in the near future.

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