Dabrro Homes has emerged as a leader in the construction of insulated concrete form (ICF) homes in Edmonton.
Insulated concrete forms are interlocking, lightweight polystyrene blocks that serve as a form for poured concrete walls. The forms remain in place to provide insulation, a vapor barrier and attachment surfaces for interior and exterior wall finishings. Businesses and homes built this way are more energy efficient, stronger, safer and quieter.

Benefits of building with insulated concrete forms:

Energy efficiency
The foam in ICF walls provide a thermal resistance of R-24. These walls maintain their thermal performance over their lifetime, compared to other types of insulation that tend to lose R-value due to moisture, settling and age. When taking into consideration the thermal mass characteristics of concrete, as well as the lack of air infiltration, a 6-inch ICF wall is comparable to an R-50 wood-framed wall. On average, ICF buildings are 44% cheaper to heat and 32% cheaper to cool than woodframe homes.

Strength and safety
ICF buildings are up to 8.5 times stronger than woodframe buildings. ICF walls will remain virtually undamaged in hurricane conditions. ICF foundation walls resist buckling and cracking five times better than concrete block walls. ICF buildings have a 3-hour fire rating compared to 15 minutes for a comparable woodframe building, providing a safer structure.

Healthy living environment
Improved air quality is another potential benefit since ICF construction eliminates the studs and cavities that can hold moisture and foster mold and mildew growth. ICF walls eliminate the need for an additional vapor barrier. For below-grade applications, a waterproofing system ensures a completely dry basement. Because construction is much more air tight, Dabrro Homes recommends that a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) system is always incorporated into the design.

Sound reduction
ICF walls offer a quieter, more peaceful interior environment. A sound transmission classification of STC 50 (inaudible) is easily attainable. By comparison, a typical woodframe-constructed building has an average STC of only 25, which allows you to hear and understand voices from outside.

Environmentally friendly
Buildings constructed with ICF are designed to last for centuries, not decades. ICF walls conserve forest resources and their energy efficiency reduces fossil fuel consumption. It's estimated a 3,800 square foot home saves up to 25 large trees when compared to conventional construction. Concrete is inert, non-toxic, and produced from abundant natural and recycled material.

Resale value
Because of all these benefits, ICF buildings command higher resale values than those constructed with more traditional methods.
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